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IT Ticket Management

When it comes to supporting customers you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to request support while making it easy to manage those requests and address them in order of importance. MSP Manager provides your customers with an easy to use portal or the ability to receive support requests via email and automatically create tickets for them. When it comes time to support that customer you already have all of their information in the system right next to their ticket making support easier than ever.


Schedule Management

We can’t imagine a time when we didn’t have calendars to track all of our meetings and appointments but what about shared calendars for teams supporting many customers? Since MSP Manager already has all of your customer information you can simple create a customer meeting, attach the support information and when the work is done turn that appointment into tracked billable time. It’s about working smarter and not harder.


Invoicing and Billing

You’ve setup your accounting software with all of your services, configured your tax rates and know how to generate an invoice. That’s great but your accounting software doesn’t automatically track when you actually do the work meaning you have to manually track your work and then import it at the end of the month. MSP Manager uses the support tickets you’ve already created for customers to track your time and expenses so you can simply export them at the end of the month. A few clicks and you’re done. 

MSP Manager allows IT teams to organize support tickets, customer information, passwords, schedules and more.

For IT business owners you can see services revenue in real-time and export invoices directly to your accounting software.

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