One of these employees will accidentally cost their company millions.


Communicate risk in a language everyone understands


Businesses often don't recognize the urgency for data security. Scanning a network with SolarWinds MSP Risk Intelligence® will uncover critically at-risk data and software vulnerabilities and enable you to present dashboards and reports with detailed and ongoing analysis.

Now you can accurately answer these key questions for your customers:

  • What data is at risk and who has access?
  • How can the bad guys get access to my data and how can it be prevented?
  • What is the true dollar value of my potential exposure?

Find your security number

Understand your total risk exposure and communicate it in dollars.

SolarWinds MSP Risk Intelligence calculates the real-time risk of a data breach in dollars. Now you can provide evidence of the impact to the Board and business managers. Justify resources and focus your team on remediating the highest risk assets.

Dramatically reduce the
risk of attacks

Beyond data sensitivity, SolarWinds MSP Risk Intelligence points out the vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach. Whether a business’s biggest risks come from email or from malicious web downloads, SolarWinds MSP Risk Intelligence will help you tighten your security everywhere you need it.

Features designed with customer security in mind

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